Autism Facts

Autism is a disorder with no known cause and no known cure, so separating autism facts from autism myths can sometimes be a challenge. Because autism is shrouded in such mystery, it is not unusual to find false or unproven information on the Internet, in conversation and even in medical circles.

Ignorance and fear cause people to make assumptions and inadvertently spread lies disguised as autism facts. This misinformation easily turns into the stuff of urban legend and causes confusion for parents and caregivers that may be in a very scary situation, determining if a child or loved one is autistic.

Autism Facts - It is not caused by an uncaring parent

Although a singular cause for autism has not yet been found, it is most certainly not distant or uncaring parents. Autism is a neurological disorder whose victims are unable to communicate and interact appropriately in social situations. Parental care is in no way associated with the development of autistic children. A distant parent can, however, fail to notice the subtle symptoms of autism and therefore cause a delay in diagnosis and treatment.

Autism Facts - All autistic people are not savants

Many people have seen or heard of the popular movie "Rain Man," and this is probably why it is commonly thought that all people with autism are also geniuses. This is not the case. While some autistic children and adults do have extraordinary memory or counting abilities, this is the exception rather than the rule. Some autistic children become experts in certain subject areas, but many do not. The fact that autistic savants are often exploited and their abilities made public may also contribute to this myth.

Autism Facts - Good nutrition cannot cure autism

There is wide and growing belief that special diets and nutritional supplements can cure an autistic child. While this sounds practical and would be wonderful, it is not proven to be true. Despite marketing claims by companies anxious to sell their nutritional goods, a healthy diet that includes supplemental vitamins does not heal the neurological issues that are found in autistic kids. As with all theories regarding the causes of and cures for autism, this is definitely an area that warrants continued research.

Autism Facts - Autistic children can experience love

Terrible as it sounds, one of the most popular myths about autism is that autistic kids cannot experience love and comfort. The truth of the matter is that people with autism may feel emotions just like everyone else. The difference for someone who is autistic lies in their ability to express what they feel. Generally, people with autism are unable to communicate in the same ways other people do. There are cases, however, where autistic adults have normal relationships, fall in love and even get married! This is especially true in cases of mild autism.

It is important that the real autism facts are brought to light and overtake the awful myths about autism that are so common. This can only be accomplished if those who know the truth will speak out against the lies that are spread, whether it is online, on TV or in your circle of friends.

The worst thing about autism myths is that they can have a terrible affect on parents of a child affected with this disorder. Truth is the only way to find the answers needed to defeat autism, and spreading autism facts is the best way to uncover the truth.

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